11 Scrummy Secrets for Clean Plates All Round

Transform your favourite meals from tried and tested to new and exciting, simply by adding one secret ingredient. Whether you live with fussy eaters or foodie fanatics, these creative meal hacks will go down a treat. Prepare to see your pantry in a whole new light.

1. Supreme scrambled egg

A cheap and easy breakfast has scrambled eggs at its heart. To make them even more delicious, add a dollop of mascarpone cheese into your beaten eggs. Simply whisk them together, fry them up and serve with bacon, salmon or whatever you fancy.

2. Best of the best BLT

Mayonnaise gives a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich a nice creamy finish, but don’t stop there. Mix half a teaspoon of horseradish into a tablespoon of mayo to give your classic sarnie a spicy kick.

3. Chocoholic chilli

Yeah, you read that right. Chilli with chocolate. The kids will love it! Simply grate dark chocolate into your chilli while it cooks and you’ll be in for a decadent treat that isn’t too sweet. Add as much as you like, tasting as you go to find the right balance.

4. Sublime soups and stews

When you next nibble on Parmesan or Camembert, don’t throw away the rinds when you’re done. Add them to a soup or stew to thicken the dish and boost the flavour. Just remember to remove the rinds before serving if they haven’t fully dissolved.

5. Brilliant beef stir fry

Mmmm… stir fry! Make a good thing great by marinating strips of beef in our special concoction. Whisk a couple of tablespoons of soy sauce into a dollop of Marmite and hey presto! The ultimate base for a meaty taste.

6. Tasty tomato sauces

Love a good bolognese, lasagne or anything else with a tomato sauce base? Try this then. Add a generous squirt of ketchup to your sauce – especially if you’re using tinned tomatoes – and counter the natural acidity with some lip-smacking sweetness.

7. Charmingly cheesy sauces

It can be a bit heavy on your tum, but it’s hard to say no to cheese sauce. Make it even trickier by adding a teaspoon of mustard powder to the mix. Its powerful flavour will cut through the stodge and add a tempting kick.

8. Crowd-pleasing casserole

Our unexpected addition to your favourite casserole will divide opinion… but bear with us. Slow-cook anchovy fillets with the rest of your dish to give it a rich, savoury flavour. And don’t worry about a fishy taste – they melt into the sauce and disappear.

9. Pucker pasta bake

Crispy on the top, creamy in the middle, mouth-watering all throughout: the humble pasta bake. To make it even better, crush a pack of ready salted crisps and mix it with grated Cheddar. Then scatter over the top before baking and get ready for the crunch.

10. Clever creamy curry

Ever added banana to your curry? Give it a go. Slice up the fruit and stir into a tomato-based curry sauce for an extra gooey texture that’s utterly irresistible. It won’t change the taste, so it’s a great tip for feeding fussy eaters.

11. Victorious vegan mousse

A light after-dinner treat that won’t break the bank, choccy mousse is a childhood favourite. And this time, it’s vegan-friendly. Use cocoa powder instead of chocolate and the flesh of a ripe avocado instead of eggs. Easy!